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Garage doors come in a wide variety of different styles, with electric garage doors becoming one of the more popular options. Today, we are going to discuss with you some of the main advantages of choosing or upgrading to an electric garage door.

Ease of Use
One of the main benefits of an electric garage door is its ease of use. Some garage doors can be difficult for people to lift open. With the electric aspect, this makes opening up the garage door much easier for the right owner. With the push of a button, their garage door will open for them, helping to prevent injuries for those unable to open a manual garage door.

Extra Security
Another benefit people consider with electric garage doors is the extra security. It is much more difficult to break into an electric garage door than one that can be opened manually. Due to them being controlled by a remote, it is much more difficult for thieves to gain access, making your items safer in an electric garage door.

Aesthetically Appealing
Another benefit is how aesthetically pleasing electric garage doors look These offer more curbside appeal to your home than other types of garage doors. They have a more flush finish and hide away any mechanics that you may see on a manual garage door.

Endless Options
With electric garage doors, your options are completely endless. You can decide exactly how you want your garage door to work and look. From the speed that it opens and closes, to the buttons you need to press to do so. To if you want to control it from your phone or a simple remote. To the material options, your garage door can be made out of and what colour you desire it to be.

All of these added benefits correlate to the slightly higher price point. But you can’t say the price points don’t bring this large variety of benefits for you and your home life.

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Insulating your garage is one aspect that people always forget about doing. Even though you do not spend much time in your garage, some of your personal belongings may live in your garage. To keep them protected you should keep your garage insulated.

Where in my garage should I insulate?

There are three main areas that you should insulate in your garage. These areas include:

You should insulate your garage roof. It is recommended that you ask a professional to help you when insulating your garage roof as it can be a difficult task.

You should also insulate the walls of your garage. If your garage is attached to your home, this should be fairly simple and may even have been complete during the build. However, if your garage is detached it can be a difficult task.

Finally, you should also insulate your garage floor. Again, even though it looks like a simple task, it can be difficult. Hiring a professional is the best option to ensure you gain the best results.

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Your garage door brings you a lot of benefits. While the main benefit is keeping the items in your garage safe and secure. It also brings your home roadside appeal, which you should always want to maintain. Sometimes simple issues can be fixed on our garage doors, but sometimes it is not worth the hassle and we should just upgrade. So, what are 4 signs to look out for to show that we need to replace our garage doors?

1- Damaged Wood
A clear sign that your garage door should be replaced is any damage to the wood. This can include rotting, cracking or splintering to the wood. While these can be fixed, it is much easier and more cost-effective to replace the whole door.

2- Difficult To Open and Close
The moment that your door becomes stiff and difficult to open and close is a clear sign it needs replacing. It can be a clear sign that mechanisms within the door are beginning to break. If you want to keep everything in your garage protected you should replace your door as soon as possible.

3- Outdated Design
Another sign that you may look out for that will help you to decide when to upgrade and replace your garage door is its design. There will become a time that your garage door is outdated. To keep the roadside appeal high you should replace your garage door when this is the case.

4- Limited Safety Features
Like with everything, the safety of our garage doors has improved over time. If you are someone who has an older style garage door, you may find that it is now lacking some of the new safety features. Rather than adding these new features to your current door, you should just replace it entirely.

These are 4 of the main signs that mean you should be highly considering replacing your garage door.

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A popular trend with the garage world this coming year is conversions. The process of changing your garage into a new room! Giving it a whole new purpose. So, what are some garage conversion trends we can expect to see this coming year?

Gym Conversion
One of the most popular conversion choices you will see occurring this year is Gym Conversions. With gyms across the United Kingdom being closed during our national lockdown, gym buffs will still be wanting to head to the gym. With people purchasing their own home gym equipment, converting their garage into a home gym using padded flooring and mirrors to seal the deal. This is going to become extremely popular with people who are still wanting to exercise from home!

Home Office
With most of the United Kingdom needing to work from home during this global pandemic, it is expected for us to see many garages being converted into home offices. This is possibly one of the simplest conversions as it does not take much effort. All you will need is a light, power source, heater, and desk. Any extras are an added bonus for you and your working day. But we can see this becoming more popular as adults need an area to work whilst kids are still homeschooling.

Man Cave
People are also choosing to turn their garages into man caves. Meaning everything the man of the house could ever want will be stored here. Giving him somewhere to go to get away from the day to day home life. Most men choose to make this into a gaming or drinking paradise. But others may choose something which is hobby or craft-based.

These are three conversion trends that we can expect to see throughout 2021. It is important to note that these conversions can either be a full or part garage conversion. Meaning some may choose to keep some of their garage for storage.

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Upgrading your garage is one way which you can add value to your home. Today, we are going to share with you some easy ways to upgrade your garage.

A simple way to upgrade your garage is by adding more electrical outlets. With garages no longer only being used for storage, electrical outlets are becoming more useful in garages.

Another way to upgrade your garage is by changing your garage door. Manual up and over garage doors are becoming less popular. Upgrading this to an electric garage door will increase the value of your home.

You can also consider installing a side door into your garage. These are extremely handy as an easy access route to your garage without needing to open the main door.

Finally, consider installing some built-in storage. Including this in your garage will increase the price of your home. Showing storage will increase the space of your garage, making it much more appealing too.