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Garages are one of the most spacious places in your entire house. Just a plain, empty room with loads of storage space! But how can you make the most of this space?

Most people will just pile up everything in their garage all over the floor. But this isn’t using the space wisely! I’m going to give you some of my space-saving tips.

1- Shelves
Shelves are a lifesaver for adding extra space in any room. From floating shelves on the wall to bookcases. All these options give you loads of extra storage space. Put these with storage boxes to make your garage organised too.

2- Ceiling Storage
Everyone always forgets about the ceiling. This can be used for storage too. Make some support off of your ceiling and you can use this to store many items. From tools to fishing gear. This is truly making the most out of your space.

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Garages used to be used for storing cars. However, this is not the case anymore. The way garages are being used is changing. The main reason this is happening is that people are using their cars more often. Keeping your cars outside saves you time.

The main use of garages nowadays is storage. People store all kinds of items in their garages. From junk to valuables, look in a garage and you’ll find it all. It was found that on average people store around £1,600 worth of items in their garage.
Another use I have seen for garages is home gyms. People are buying gym equipment and converting their garage into a home gym. Fully kitted out with mirrors and equipment. I can see why people do this. It saves them money on travel and membership cost.

No matter what they are used for, I’m sure we all love the extra space.

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There are many benefits to up and over garage doors. One of the key ones is their aesthetic possibilities: they can suit many different types of property, and come in many different looks, colours, finishes and designs. Although they’re on of the cheapest types of garage door you can choose, they can look incredibly beautiful and make an excellent addition to your home. It’s a sensible choice for a garage on a rental property to keep things simple, or on a beloved family home where you want to balance looks with practicality. An up and over door will work on so many levels.

It’s not just about looks, of course. A garage door has a lot of jobs to do. It needs to be highly secure, for one thing; it’s important you know that your property will be well protected and won’t be making your home more vulnerable to break ins. A new garage door is always going to help with this and an up and over door can help to increase your security massively, as long as it’s made from a high quality material and is well fitted. Seeing as an up and over door can solve many problems for you, this gives you free rein to think about the aesthetic possibilities and choose a door that looks great and complements your home.

The aesthetic possibilities of up and over doors: making your choice

There are many decisions to be made when it comes to the appearance of your garage door. Perhaps a good place to start is by thinking about the colour and finish you would like. Timber garage doors are very popular, and there are different types of timber and various finishes to choose from. If timber isn’t the right option for you, then there are lots of different colours to select – white is a popular neutral choice, or you might go for a bolder colour that makes a statement. Some people want to know what RAL colours a garage door comes in so they can match them to window frames or front doors.

You should also think about the material of the door. Of course, if you are opting for timber, this will be a simple decision. Other materials are available and have different aesthetic qualities, so see what they look like, understand their properties, and go from there. Other options include GRP and steel, if you’re going to choose some of the more popular up and over garage door materials.

There are also various garage door patterns you might want to consider, especially if you’re choosing a material that isn’t timber. Some doors have panelling, whereas others will have a horizontal rib design. Other doors are more plain, so it’s up to you which option you will pick.

Finally, think about glazing. This is a good way to bring light into your garage and it’s an attractive design feature too. You can find up and over garage doors with glazing already installed or, if natural light isn’t something you need to consider in your garage, you can pick a solid door option.

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A typical garage door can protect everything in your garage. These are typically made of some sort of galvanized steel. However, the panels on garage doors tend to be fairly flimsy. It would be easy to knock them out if someone wanted to get in. That’s why you may want to consider a high-security garage door. These are designed to withstand individuals that would try to break in. Garage doors that are built with extra security in mind tend to be much more expensive. To find a good deal on high-security garage doors, let’s look at a few options that you should consider.

Why These Garage Doors Can Enhance Your Security

For those that already have a security system installed, they might not believe that these garage doors would be necessary. They would assume that the alarm would go off, and the police would arrive, easily addressing the issue. However, you can prevent them from getting in at all by installing highly secure garage doors instead. A garage door represents the largest opening into your home which is why it should always be protected.

Different Ways To Secure Your Garage Door

The easiest way to secure your garage door is to put a nether exterior door outside. This could be a rolling shutter, often called a security shutter, similar to what you will see on many businesses. This will be installed so that it can also be automatically opened and closed. However, you may simply want to invest in a garage door that is more securely built to avoid installing a rolling shutter at all.

Where To Find Companies That Make Them

Businesses that produce these garage doors are numerous. They are well aware of the need for them today. Even if you are in an upscale neighbourhood, there is always the possibility that criminals will try to break-in. These will be much heavier and standard garage doors and will require a much more powerful garage door opener. Once installed, you won’t have to worry about burglars getting into the garage door area. A quick search for businesses that produce high security garage doors will lead you to several of these businesses. You can obtain quotes in a matter of days from these reputable companies that will provide you with a good discount.

The installation of a highly secure garage door will give you peace of mind. Although this is an extra expense, it can save you money by preventing burglaries from happening. This not only protects the people inside of your home at night, but everything inside of your garage including your vehicles. It’s worth taking the time to get multiple quotes from businesses that produce, sell and install these garage doors in your area.

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Many people worry about damaging their door when they’re cleaning it, especially a garage door made of metal with lots of different components. One concern is making the door rusty when using a harsh cleaning product, but we believe it’s best to keep it simple.

Use a mild detergent, with less than 0.5% of phosphate, and dilute into 5 gallons of water – but never mix with cleanser or bleach. For tougher marks, spot cleaning with bleach is recommended but be careful and only apply a small amount.

Check hinges and rollers, ensuring they are cleared of gunk or debris. Adjust, de-gunk and replace weather stripping, if necessary, as this is responsible for keeping your garage insulated. Factory-applied finishes will stand the test of time, boasting excellent durability and aesthetic quality. However, time and weather may discolour even the hardiest of paint jobs over time. Therefore, a paint job every now and then is pretty important too!