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All About Double Width Garage Doors

AGarage doors are used on buildings all over the United Kingdom. Providing external protection to these storage areas. Garages tend to use the same size garage doors no matter what they are being used for, but sometimes our garages are larger than average. This means a normal garage door is not going to work and double width garage doors are going to be your next best option. But, how do these garage doors differ, what benefits are they going to bring and when should they be used? 

How Does A Double Width Garage Door Differ From Others? 

This style of garage door comes in a variety of styles. The main difference is, as the name would suggest, they are double the width. They allow you to have a larger opening in your garage. Now, most would think this is a single door that is twice the size, but this is not always the case. The name can correlate to a garage having a larger entrance. This can be two entrances that are next to one another yet still require their own garage door. Most commonly they are a single garage door which is double the width, yet still remains the same height. 

That is the main difference with these garage doors. They still come in a variety of styles. They still have different opening procedures. These aspects do not differ from generic garage doors, you will find all of the options available to you when purchasing one which is double width. 

What Are The Benefits? 

When deciding whether this style of garage door is going to be worthwhile, you want to think of the benefits they are going to bring. So, what are some of these? 

Extra Space –  The main benefit you will receive when choosing to invest in double width garage doors is extra space. You are going to have a larger entrance to your garage with this style of garage door. Creating extra space when manoeuvring things in and out of the garage. If you use your garage for the typical use of car storage, having this larger entrance will make it easier to put your car in and out without risking damage. 

Less Money – You may be wondering how this is the benefit. But if you have a large opening or the need for two garage doors, purchasing one double width garage door is going to be significantly cheaper than purchasing two. This will save you money on the purchase side. Even though it is more expensive than a normal garage door, one is always going to be cheaper than two. 

How About Disadvantages? 

When gaining this understanding, you also want to know about any disadvantages they may bring. What are some of these? 

Less Insulation – One disadvantage of a double width garage door is insulation. They are not going to keep your home as well insulated as other options on the market. These tend to let more cold air in than keeping it out, which isn’t great for most people. 

Malfunctions – You may also find that these larger garage doors also struggle with common malfunctions. This can cause them to become expensive, especially if the malfunctions have a pricey fix. They are more prone to refusing to open and having issues with their operating equipment. 

When Should These Garage Doors Be Used? 

Finally, you want to think about when exactly a double width garage door should be used. These tend to want to be used when you have a larger garage space. When you have the space for two garage doors but want to save money by only purchasing one. If you have a large car that you want to store in your garage, this style of garage door will be the most beneficial to you. 

Most commonly, you will see these being used on homes across the United Kingdom. They can still be used on business buildings, but this is less common as they have less of a need for a larger opening. 

So, should you make this investment for your home? The truthful answer comes down to you and what you think you want and need. Suppose you are deciding between two single garage doors and one double width door. The best decision you can make is one double width garage door. This is going to be cheaper and the most beneficial to all homes. Investing in garage doors is a big step for any home or a business owner. Ensuring you are informed at every stage is key to making this investment.