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Are Electric Garage Doors Worth The High Price Tag?

When researching garage doors for your home or business property, there is no denying that the price difference between manually and electrically operated garage doors is astonishing. Both varieties of doors do come with their own array of benefits, but the focus today is electric garage doors and whether they are worth this extreme price difference.

The Advantages

When you choose an electric garage door, ease of use is going to be a benefit you may receive. Garage doors powered by electricity are known to be considerably easier to use. From a simple push of a button on a remote control will open up the garage door with ease. This makes it easier for those with mobility issues to have independence and operate their garage door alone. As well as making it easier for those who store their car in their garage by allowing them to open the garage remotely upon arrival, without the need to exit their vehicle.

Another noticeable benefit of electric garage doors is how visually appealing they are. As they are motorised on the inside, the outside can be flush, offering an outstanding appearance on the outside. This in turn helps to increase your property’s curb side appeal and overall property value. These doors can come in a variety of styles which enhances their ability to be visually appealing. Including styles and colours, allowing flexibility in your own design choices and what you deem to be appealing and converse with the overall style of your property.

This style of garage door is also considerably more secure, in turn increasing protection on your home. Due to being electrically powered and motorised, it becomes near impossible to break through the garage door. Meaning all items that are stored within it and considerably safer, with fewer worries for yourself.

Finally, electric garage doors are more modern. They are considerably more sought after on the property market. If your property has a garage with an electrically motored garage door, you will find it is a huge selling point, over a garage with a manual garage door. This means the value of your property will increase, following the discovery of this style of garage door.

The Disadvantages

Whenever you are deciding if any product is going to be worth the cost, you need to consider any disadvantages the set product has. This is still the case when considering garage doors.

An electric garage door does have a monthly running cost you are going to need to consider. Due to them being powered by electricity, whenever they are operated, they are using this power source which is something you need to pay for. You will see an increase in your electricity bill after installation, especially if you are someone that uses the door regularly.

Another drawback of an electric garage door is the installation process. The installation process of these doors is considerably more complex. Due to the use of electricity and needing to set up a motor and ensuring it can be easily powered. This can be challenging if your garage does not already have an electric supply in it. It could be more work than you initially realised, and this in turn can put the overall cost up as you will need to pay more for these additional services.

Finally, you may discover that issues with the remote control used to operate the door and extremely common. They can run out of charge quickly, meaning battery replacements are another common cost to think about. The remotes can also be very intermittent, needing to be pointed at a certain spot from a certain distance to work. Which can make it incredibly challenging and frustrating for owners if they do not remember where the location is. Manual overrides are possible, but it is not ideal as they can hinder the security of the door.


Overall electric garage doors can be seen as both worth the costs and not. Simply, it is up to you and if you believe it is worth the price. A garage door that is easy to use, secure and modern to us is going to be easily worth the sale cost. Don’t be off put by the disadvantages mentioned. They are very limited and easy to fix if they occur.

So, the question is, are electric garage doors worth the huge price tag? For us yes. But remember to shop around, as you can find some great deals on high quality garage doors by doing so.