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    Using Outdoor Heaters In The Garage

    Many households and businesses make use of outdoor heaters. The ability to warm an area of space outside can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you want to use that space all year round. While the garage is primarily indoors, garages can still get very cold in low temperatures. Some garage users opt for expensive […]

    The Relationship Of Traditional Hobbies And The Garage

    It’s almost a proverb that the garage is used for hobbies. Boat building, car restoration, model making the list of hobbies that are traditionally done in the garage is endless. The common theory behind this myth is that traditional hobbies like the ones mentioned were often done by the father of the household, often by […]

    Effective And Functional Garage Lighting

    In the last post we talked about injecting personality into the garage, including garage lighting. But what is the most functionally effective way to light a garage? Much like lighting other rooms of the home, lighting the garage in a certain way can have varied effects. Softer lighting is more atmospheric, but it’s unlikely you would ever want […]

    Inject Personality Into Your Garage

    The garage is often seen as just a utility room. A simple storage area and nothing else. But the garage is a room of your home like any other, for that reason alone it is worth furnishing and taking pride in. Storage is what the garage is mainly used for, so your garage design is going […]