Garage Window Replacments

Garages are commonly found in properties across the Untied Kingdom. When we think about garages and the replacements they may need, we always think about the large garage doors situated at the front if our garages. But, some garages do have windows in them that may need replacing. Just like the windows in our homes, […]

Are aluminium gates better than steel or wrought iron?

There are a few things to consider when choosing between aluminium and steel gates. Firstly, aluminium is a lighter material than steel so it may be a better choice if you need to move the gate regularly. Aluminium is also less likely to rust than steel, making it a more durable option in humid environments. […]

How To Improve My Garage Insulation

Insulation in your garage is especially important when you are using your garage for storage. When insulation is not completing its job properly in your garage you may find that items are becoming ruined by the most common issue mould. So, how can you improve your garage insulation? Check For IssuesOne of the best ways […]

Timber garage doors: Adding class to your home

 When it comes to building a house, garage doors have traditionally been unsung heroes. They take a backseat to front doors, side doors and windows. This is unfortunate because garage doors can add a lot of value and curb appeal to your home. The best way to give your home that extra boost is with […]

Converting Your Garage Into A Home Office

With more of us looking into the possibility of working from home either part or full time, or even not considering going back to the workplace after the Covid-19 pandemic. The rise in home offices and considering how you can make your own home office is not surprising. So, today we want to discuss with […]