How to choose the perfect front door for your home?

It’s no secret that a front door can have such a huge influence on the design of your home. They not only work to make a good or bad first impression to guests; they also help play a role in dictating the character of the property. So before you make a rushed decision, here are […]

Why do solid oak garage doors and entrance gates require maintenance?

A stylish garage door or timber gate is the key to a perfectly balanced house. There are many different options when considering what level of access and security you would like for your house. However, a very popular choice is the oak wood approach, as it is very beautiful with unique grain patterns, so no […]

Tips For Fitting a Garage Door Safely

Before fitting a garage door make sure that you have a drill and driver bit kit with fixings as well as a stepladder ready to fix the door. This prevents having to move around unnecessarily while working. Make sure to have two people to lift the door. When lifting the door, have one person on either […]

Top Garage Security Tips

Keep The Door Shut Making sure a garage is kept secure isn’t difficult, often it’s simply a case of making sure to close and lock the door. A garage door monitor can help to prevent this issue, simply attach one to a door and it will provide useful feedback about the door, including if it’s […]

Replacing The Support Brackets On a Garage Door

One of the first parts of a garage door to wear down are the brackets that hold it in place. Typically these support brackets keep the door in place as it is moved into different positions. It is also the part of the garage door that contends with the force of any weather outside, so […]