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A popular trend with the garage world this coming year is conversions. The process of changing your garage into a new room! Giving it a whole new purpose. So, what are some garage conversion trends we can expect to see this coming year?

Gym Conversion
One of the most popular conversion choices you will see occurring this year is Gym Conversions. With gyms across the United Kingdom being closed during our national lockdown, gym buffs will still be wanting to head to the gym. With people purchasing their own home gym equipment, converting their garage into a home gym using padded flooring and mirrors to seal the deal. This is going to become extremely popular with people who are still wanting to exercise from home!

Home Office
With most of the United Kingdom needing to work from home during this global pandemic, it is expected for us to see many garages being converted into home offices. This is possibly one of the simplest conversions as it does not take much effort. All you will need is a light, power source, heater, and desk. Any extras are an added bonus for you and your working day. But we can see this becoming more popular as adults need an area to work whilst kids are still homeschooling.

Man Cave
People are also choosing to turn their garages into man caves. Meaning everything the man of the house could ever want will be stored here. Giving him somewhere to go to get away from the day to day home life. Most men choose to make this into a gaming or drinking paradise. But others may choose something which is hobby or craft-based.

These are three conversion trends that we can expect to see throughout 2021. It is important to note that these conversions can either be a full or part garage conversion. Meaning some may choose to keep some of their garage for storage.