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Accessing your garage when it’s dark can be a bit of a nightmare, and one of the most appropriate solutions is to install motion detectors. These will give you a good amount of light when you approach the garage, but they’re also good for security reasons.

If any individual came close your garage in the middle of the night, the light would come on and it would draw attention to the situation. The only issue is if you live in a high traffic area the light will go on and off many times through the course of an evening, so it’s not always suitable for all garages.

Motion detector lights are quick and easy to install and they provide a good level of convenience, while can really benefit an electronically operated garage, because you don’t need to get out of the vehicle to enter the garage, and once you’re inside, a motion light can come on and you can easily make you way into the house (if the garage is attached to the side of the house).

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Not all garages have windows, but if you want to make your garage feel brighter or fresher then they can be a good decision. Today glass can be very secure, and you don’t necessarily have to worry about an individual breaking in through a garage window.

Most windows that are integrated with a garage door will be relatively small, and this means that they would be virtually impossible to break in to. You can choose between various designs including panel style windows, or those with timber frames so it’s relatively easy to find a style that matches the personality of your home.

Garages do not have to be dark, gloomy spaces, and they can actually be made a bright and favourable part of an individual’s home. If you’re yet to have a garage that’s bright and airy, then a window could do the trick, and it can stay quite light even during the winter.

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Space can be an issue in a garage, especially if you regularly store a vehicle in yours, but that doesn’t mean there is no room whatsoever for other belongings. Shelving can be really important in a garage, and it can means there’s always space for tools, household cleaning supplies and bikes.

If you do a have a little room to manoeuvre in your garage then you may want to consider adding in garage cabinets. These can be placed down one side of the garage, and inside you can have different shelves and cupboards for different belongings.

You can also think outside the box, and there are now hanging racks for bikes and other items that are placed on the ceiling of the garage, while work benches around the outside can make way for more clutter. Even small garages can have some space to play with and you don’t always have to remove your vehicle to make way for household items.

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Flooring in a garage is often completely different to the other room in your home, especially if it is only used to store you vehicle. Natural stone flooring is the perfect surface for cars and other heavy duty equipment, and it’s doesn’t’ often pick up chips or marks, and it reduces tracked-in dirt.

In the winter moths it’s also safe, and it’s slip resistant while it dries quickly with a good amount of sunlight when it’s washed over. This flooring is ideal for different types of garages, and even if your garage is not insulated dampness will not sure, and puddling will rarely occur.

This type of flooring breathes naturally, but it is mainly suited to typical garages, that are solely used to store vehicles, while it’s a floor that will last an extremely long time.


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A garage may not be the first room in a property that comes to mind when you think about the term ‘interior design’ but there are many different purposes for garages today, and it means there are plenty of options in terms of interior.

Simple garage design are often well suited for those garages that are only used to store vehicles, and if you want your cars to really shine then the focus should be on them. Some garages are used as workshops, and exposed brick walls with shelving and industrial storage units can bring a DIY feel, while swanky tables, chairs and filing cabinets are ideal for office designs.

Some garages are multipurpose and if you want to store vehicles and have a different space for another purpose, then splitting up different areas with two completely contrasting design scan be ideal. Many garages look good on the outside, and all that’s required is a nice looking door, but that inside is important too and it all depend on the purpose of your garage.