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The Different Types of Garador Garage Doors

Purchasing a garage door for your home can be extremely challenging. With there being many different brands and styles to choose between, it can be difficult to know which one is going to be best for you. Today we want to look deeper into Garador garage doors and what types are available.

What Are Garador Doors?

Garador is a brand of garage door owned by Hormann. They offer a great range of styles that are functional, reliable and attractive, making them one of the best brands for homeowners across the United Kingdom. Offering a wide selection of steel doors, with many styles to choose from.

What Styles Are Available?

When it comes to Garador Garage Doors, the styles that are available include up-and-over doors, sectional doors, roller doors, and side-hinged doors.

Up and Over Garage Doors

When Garador doors were created, they were firstly a specific up-and-over garage door. But this has now expanded into many other styles. But let’s begin with up and over doors.

This is the most basic design of garage doors and the most affordable. It tends to be manually operated with a simple pulling lever that unlocks the opening mechanism allowing the door to go up and over your head to open. The main benefit of this door is going to be its affordability of it. It would be nice if this was easier to use and more accessible for all, but you simply can’t have it all with a low-budget door. These doors are available in three main materials, as well as come in a variety of different colours, offering you the most flexibility with your design choices.

Sectional Garage Doors

This is another style of door that has been introduced by Garador garage doors. This style is similar to up-and-over doors which opens above you. But this style has multiple sectional panels. This allows the door to be electrically operated which can make it more accessible for all. This can also give the overall garage door a nicer look and a more modern finish. Which today is something more people are looking for as they begin to modernise and update their property. These doors can come in a variety of insulation options, meaning you don’t need to limit how insulated your garage is, and you can choose an option that fits in with your budget.

Roller Garage Doors

This is a style of garage door that is less commonly seen in homes across the United Kingdom, yet it is still an option for you. This door is created with multiple thin panels that are able to roll up onto themselves to open. Roller doors are a better option for those who have limited space above and do not want to use them all with a garage opening system. We do find that this door does tend to be the easiest to use and has the fastest operation.

Side-Hinged Doors

Finally, we want to share with you side-hinged doors. This is the most recent style that has become available with Garador garage doors. This style, as the name would suggest is one that opens to the side. It is attached with the opening to the side of a wall rather than above. This is a great alternative garage door when you are looking for something different and unique. Not many people will choose this style as it is not conventional. It can cause more issues and less protection, but we will admit, it does look impressive if your home can rock it.

Are Garador Doors Worthwhile?

Now you understand how many different styles of gardor doors there are. You want to decide whether they are going to be worthwhile. As with anything, a branded garage door is going to be considerably more expensive than unbranded options, this is because you are paying for the name and reputation. But when you decide to go for a branded door you know the quality is going to be there, they have got to have made their good reputation somehow. So, for the final decision you need to think about your budget and what you want from your garage door. If you have the budget and can get what you want through the gardor brand, then we 100% recommend that you go for it. It is worthwhile paying for this brand name and the reputation you hold. It will bring more to your property than you could ever imagine.