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The Different Types of Garage Opening Systems

When choosing to have a garage door installed in your business or home, you are going to need to decide how exactly it is going to operate. There are many different opening systems you can choose between, so we are going to share with you some key facts on the most popular styles. Helping you to decide which garage opener is going to be right for you.

What Are Garage Opening Systems?

Before we get into it, let’s discuss the basics of what they actually are. This is the system that is going to be used to open and close your garage. There are many different opening systems available at a range of different price points. Allowing garage doors to be available to everyone no matter what their budget is. From electrical opening systmes to manual systems, there is something on the market for everyone.

What Are The Main Types of Garage Opening Systems?

When looking to purchase a garage, you are also going to want to know what styles of opening systems are available to you. The two most popular styles of opening systems are electrical systems and manual garage openers. Both of these again come in a variety of options for budget friendly choices to more high-end and technical options.

Electrical Opening Systems – As the name would suggest, this is a style of garage door opening mechanism that is powered by electricity. These are typically more expensive than a manual alternative. But this is because of some of the main benefits you gain. If you choose to invest in a garage opening system that is electrically powered it is going to be much easier to use. Typically, a push of a button will open and close your garage for you with ease. You will also find that these openers help to provide your garages with more protection as they are much more difficult to break through.

Manual Opening Systems – If you are looking for an opening system that is going to keep the installation of your garage door more budget friendly, manual garage openers are going to be the better choice. These tend to have a lower initial cost and installation is easier keeping the price lower. These can be easy to use, but can be more difficult than the electrical alternative if you have low strength or cant reach as high. These opening systems will still provide protection but may not be as secure. However, they will do the job if your budget does not allow for expensive electric opening systems to be a choice.

Typically, both styles of opening systems come in a range of designs. The two most common are chain drive and belt drive. As you would suspect, these simply mean that the motor or cogs turning to open the door are being turned using a chain or belt. A chain drive is typically going to last longer as it is made from a stronger material. However, belt drives are going to typically be quieter as they are less likely to stick and become jammed.

How To Choose A Garage Opening System?

The time has come to make the final decision on what style of garage opening system you are going to invest in. To ensure you make the correct decision you want to highly think about what beneifts you want to recieve.

If high protection is something on your mind, then you are going to be best going for an electrical option as these tend to offer more security.

If sticking to a tight budget is your main protioety. Then you are going to find that manual opening systems are able to fit within your budget more easily. You may even be able to purchase a high end garage door with manual opening techniques within your budget.

If you are someone who struggles with your reach above or fear you may not be able to open your door manually. An electric option is going to be worth the extra cost to give you thr ability to use your garage door yourself.

This final decsion is going to entirely depend upon what you want and expet from your garage door. If we had to recommend one to you, it would be an electrically powered belt drive opening system. This brings the most benefits but is going to be the most costly.

Remeber to take your time and fully consider your options. If you have the extra time to save more towards an electric garage door, we highly recommend this.