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 When it comes to building a house, garage doors have traditionally been unsung heroes. They take a backseat to front doors, side doors and windows. This is unfortunate because garage doors can add a lot of value and curb appeal to your home.

The best way to give your home that extra boost is with a timber garage door. These types of garage doors, if maintained can add value and elegance to your home for many years.

One way to make your garage door look amazing is with wooden vertical grain. Vertical grain doors are aesthetically pleasing, especially if you have a brick home with wood accents. The lines on the panels of the door will intersect in such a way that it draws attention to each line and gives you an eye catching design.

Another type of wood that naturally compliments brick homes is stained redwood. Stained redwood has a very rich influence. If you use this type of wood for your garage doors, people will be so drawn by its beauty they will not even see your garage door as just something used for getting in and out of the car–it becomes an art form.

Many people are put off of buying a wooden garage door due to the upkeep of them, however many companies treat the wood prior to installation and provide guidance for maintenance that is easy to follow. Alternatively you can pay someone to coat the wood once a year. Other good types of wood used for garage doors are cedar and mahogany. Neither of these requires special treatment or extra attention to maintenance.

If you want a really unique looking garage door, try dark green stained panels with a medium brown frame. It may sound strange but this colour combination is very eye catching and will be sure to turn heads in your street- in a positive way. If you think that only lighter colours work well with classic styled homes, take note that yellow can look gorgeous when it is painted onto wooden garage doors. You should however keep in mind that darker coloured homes may not do so well with this type of wood for their garage doors.

The great thing about investing in a wooden garage door is that you can change the colour with a lick of pain or strip and sand it down should you decide you want a natural wood look in years to come. The versatility of a wooden garage door makes it even more appealing.

Once you’ve invested in a wooden garage door for your home, you’ll be surprised how much it can lift the look of your house. If anything, price conscious buyers are often drawn to home with wooden garage doors because they know that they can easily change the colour of their choice at any point should they want to sell the property. The glamorous look that these types of garage doors take from homes has also prompted owners to keep the exterior looking beautifully maintained and free from clutter over time.

Whilst selecting a timber garage doors for your home, you can also choose a door and windows that compliment one another, really giving your home an attractive appearance. The more windows you have, the better for getting natural light into your home. However, keep in mind that if your garage is attached to the house, consider the placement of these windows; don’t put one too close or too far away from a window in the adjacent living quarters.

As well as looking good, wooden garage doors are also very durable and can be made to last years without any maintenance required at all. They’re not liable to warp like metal doors either because they’re built with weather resistant wood that keeps out rain and moisture whilst still allowing air flow through them. If you go for pressure treated Douglas Fir then you may even get a long warranty on the door. That’s an awful lot of value for money considering how much cheaper than metal they are.

There are loads of different kinds of them you can choose from at any one time, so whatever your home’s overall design is, there’ll be a type to suit it. You can also get ones that look like real wood just as well as the faux effect painted doors which many homeowners prefer because they feel more natural and realistic. These can even come with traditional looking mouldings around them just like wooden originals would have had when they were first made thousands of years ago.