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Picking out a new garage door is no easy task, or cheap. It can stretch your budget from the hundreds to thousands of dollars. It matters less if you’re planning to install a new garage door or replace an old one. It is simply a job very few homeowners look forward to because not a lot of them have a fair amount of experience dealing with it. It’s not a DIY sort of task and could need more than a pair of hands to complete the job. Here’s why garage doors cost a lot of money.

The cost of a garage door depends on various factors depending on your choices in customization. The number of doors and different sizes of doors are a prime example of such. A simple single-car garage door has a width of about 10 feet and 8 feet high. A two-garage door is about 12 feet high and 18 feet wide. The size could also be defined by the thickness of the door because a lot of people live in harsh climates and want a thick door to serve as insulation because they are using their garage space as a living space or for work purposes. Consequentially, the cost of installing the garage door will be affected by such choices.
The material used to construct the door also decides the cost of the door. Wooden doors are very expensive, especially the ones made out of solid wood. They are heavy and require constant upkeep. Composite wood garage doors are less expensive and much lighter. Steel garage doors are also heavy but are more durable than wood doors although they are easily dented. Despite that, steel doors are very popular. Some people use fiberglass as a material because it is light, cheap, and available in a variety of colors.
The cost of hiring a contractor to do the job should also be factored in. The installation fees they charge will depend on the nature of the job required done. The style and manner in which the door opens are different, each option with its own cost. The styles range from roll up, and tilt-up, to sliding across the sides.

Before making any final decisions, it is recommended that you request for quotations from different companies and contractors detailing the services rendered and the cost of each. This way, you can measure the amount of money you are willing to spend against the different bids and proposals submitted.