Categories: Garages

Garages are one of the most spacious places in your entire house. Just a plain, empty room with loads of storage space! But how can you make the most of this space?

Most people will just pile up everything in their garage all over the floor. But this isn’t using the space wisely! I’m going to give you some of my space-saving tips.

1- Shelves
Shelves are a lifesaver for adding extra space in any room. From floating shelves on the wall to bookcases. All these options give you loads of extra storage space. Put these with storage boxes to make your garage organised too.

2- Ceiling Storage
Everyone always forgets about the ceiling. This can be used for storage too. Make some support off of your ceiling and you can use this to store many items. From tools to fishing gear. This is truly making the most out of your space.