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There are many benefits to up and over garage doors. One of the key ones is their aesthetic possibilities: they can suit many different types of property, and come in many different looks, colours, finishes and designs. Although they’re on of the cheapest types of garage door you can choose, they can look incredibly beautiful and make an excellent addition to your home. It’s a sensible choice for a garage on a rental property to keep things simple, or on a beloved family home where you want to balance looks with practicality. An up and over door will work on so many levels.

It’s not just about looks, of course. A garage door has a lot of jobs to do. It needs to be highly secure, for one thing; it’s important you know that your property will be well protected and won’t be making your home more vulnerable to break ins. A new garage door is always going to help with this and an up and over door can help to increase your security massively, as long as it’s made from a high quality material and is well fitted. Seeing as an up and over door can solve many problems for you, this gives you free rein to think about the aesthetic possibilities and choose a door that looks great and complements your home.

The aesthetic possibilities of up and over doors: making your choice

There are many decisions to be made when it comes to the appearance of your garage door. Perhaps a good place to start is by thinking about the colour and finish you would like. Timber garage doors are very popular, and there are different types of timber and various finishes to choose from. If timber isn’t the right option for you, then there are lots of different colours to select – white is a popular neutral choice, or you might go for a bolder colour that makes a statement. Some people want to know what RAL colours a garage door comes in so they can match them to window frames or front doors.

You should also think about the material of the door. Of course, if you are opting for timber, this will be a simple decision. Other materials are available and have different aesthetic qualities, so see what they look like, understand their properties, and go from there. Other options include GRP and steel, if you’re going to choose some of the more popular up and over garage door materials.

There are also various garage door patterns you might want to consider, especially if you’re choosing a material that isn’t timber. Some doors have panelling, whereas others will have a horizontal rib design. Other doors are more plain, so it’s up to you which option you will pick.

Finally, think about glazing. This is a good way to bring light into your garage and it’s an attractive design feature too. You can find up and over garage doors with glazing already installed or, if natural light isn’t something you need to consider in your garage, you can pick a solid door option.