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Have you been thinking about a home extension? If yes, then an easier option might be right before your eyes. Turning your garage into a spare bedroom! Most people rarely use their garage space to keep their cars so why not convert it into an inhabitable space?

This will add value to your home as well as save you money when it comes to the planning involved when in need of an extension. With proper permission from appropriate authorities, below is what needs to be done to achieve this. Get rid of the garage door and put up a window and panelling for ventilation.A sliding glass door can also serve the same purpose. Adding other features such as closets and a bathroom is also welcomed at this stage. Add insulation underneath the flooring and on the walls . Available options include fibre glass and cellulose insulation. Consult a professional if you are unsure of the best option. Next add electrical sockets and lighting. You might want to consult a professional if your garage is not connected to electricity. Connect it to a heating source, either the one in the main house of one of its own.