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It’s no secret that a front door can have such a huge influence on the design of your home. They not only work to make a good or bad first impression to guests; they also help play a role in dictating the character of the property. So before you make a rushed decision, here are a few things to consider before buying an entry door for your house.


The material used to make the door will determine how well it will perform. For instance; a door made of wood may not be quite as durable as the one made from steel. But it may be much quieter to use than steel. So in this case, if you are looking for durability in a door, you will most likely choose a steel door. That’s fine, but you also need to think about the weight of the door. Does it need to be extremely heavy or would you prefer something more lightweight? We always recommend people pop in to their local showroom to actually get a feel for a door and see how it handles. You can learn a lot about the quality of front entrance doors when you’re opening and closing them with your own hands.

The material you choose should also go well with the overall style of your home. One great idea to use material wisely, so perhaps by making sure your entry doors match one another. Your house will look much nicer if your front door matches the color and design of your garage door, and it’s very easy to colour match these days.


Due to the changing weather, doors require some level of maintenance. This could include adding a simple layer of paint over them or replacing some parts of the door like locks and screws. Entry doors are more vulnerable to weather because they are in direct contact. In terms of maintenance, you would want to choose a door that you can maintain with no hassle. Glass doors may be good in terms of looking classy, but what if the frame starts to rust due to weather? Will you be able to coat the frames with paint regularly?

There are so many other factors to consider when you want to find the perfect entry door for your home. Above all of them is the money you want to spend on the door. Then there’s the installation and this is usually factored in to the price, but you can always choose to have the door installed by another contractor or company, whilst there’s also the option to have a friend of yours carry out the work if they have enough experience for the task at hand. So, before you embark on your quest, do some calculations and see how much you can afford. When you know your target, the other factors should be a walk in the park.