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A stylish garage door or timber gate is the key to a perfectly balanced house. There are many different options when considering what level of access and security you would like for your house.

However, a very popular choice is the oak wood approach, as it is very beautiful with unique grain patterns, so no two oak doors are ever the same. What many don’t realise when committing to an oak wood garage door or gate is that they do require a fair bit of maintenance along the way.

Oak wood is a popular type of hardwood with around 400 different species. Recently, the popularity of oak wood has dramatically skyrocketed, as it is being used in internal and external construction more frequently. Because of this, having an oak wood garage door as the centerpiece on your home’s exterior is becoming ever more fashionable. Believe it or not, oak is a material that is designed to be outside. Because of this, oak is naturally resistant to all of but the most extreme weather phenomenons. That said, you must be careful. If you wish to retain the beautiful color of your oak wood garage door, you must seal or treat the wood, or else it can turn to a dull silver color. This is due to two reasons:

Oxidation – Exposure to the outside air.

UV damage – Exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

Because of the ingredient tannin that is found in oak wood, the wood is “breathable”. This means that humidity and moisture are able to pass freely through the wood. This is a positive, as it helps repel fungal and insect attacks. That’s not to say that oak wood is weak, it’s extremely strong and durable too, so you get plenty of benefits. However, you must be careful about the objects that surround your oak wood garage door. Because oak wood is a very “breathable” wood, it allows moisture to creep into the wood rather easily. If you have for example a leaky gutter or downpipe, then you are at risk of water damage. Being around 4-5 times denser than the average wood, oak can be difficult to raise and lower at times and it’s really is quite a weight, so a strong support system will be needed for roller doors and sectional. It is also a very unstable wood, with it being very susceptible to fluctuations depending on the moisture in the air, and this is why you should always work with your garage door supplier to choose a product you’re completely happy with. Let’s say you’re looking for driveway gates Surrey, if you find a design from a leading manufacturer, be sure to check that the wood is of good quality and not bowed in any way. Oak can at times twist due to moisture, so it’s important the solid oak is protected against the elements with a wax, oil or painted finish.