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Many people worry about damaging their door when they’re cleaning it, especially a garage door made of metal with lots of different components. One concern is making the door rusty when using a harsh cleaning product, but we believe it’s best to keep it simple.

Use a mild detergent, with less than 0.5% of phosphate, and dilute into 5 gallons of water – but never mix with cleanser or bleach. For tougher marks, spot cleaning with bleach is recommended but be careful and only apply a small amount.

Check hinges and rollers, ensuring they are cleared of gunk or debris. Adjust, de-gunk and replace weather stripping, if necessary, as this is responsible for keeping your garage insulated. Factory-applied finishes will stand the test of time, boasting excellent durability and aesthetic quality. However, time and weather may discolour even the hardiest of paint jobs over time. Therefore, a paint job every now and then is pretty important too!