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Side-hinged doors are probably not the most common type, or the most popular, however, they can work the best in certain situations. For example, if you rarely use your garage to store a vehicle, or are not accessing it for the traditional purpose of storing a car regularly, a hinged side door can give you nifty pedestrian access. 

For example, let’s say you need to head out to walk your dog. You can easily open one door and lock it behind you, while there are plenty of beautiful timber designs to choose from, which is not the case with more modern doors like rollers or sectional doors. 

With no tracks, rollers, cables or mechanisms, side hinged garage doors are pure and traditional, offering a fresh outlook for many homes. They connect to the frame via hinges, there’s nothing overcomplicated that can go wrong, so they’re relatively easy to maintain too. However, that’s not to say you can’t find side-hinged doors with modern styling. This old-style garage door can also combine traditional appearance with modern design.

Side hinged doors are great for those who have plen­ty of room out­side their garage, as this leaves space for the doors to swing out­wards. They’re also pop­u­lar with those that use their garage as a gym, work­shop or oth­er recre­ation­al area. Most garage doors are available an exten­sive range of styles, fin­ish­es and sizes, giv­ing you plen­ty of options. 

To many people, these hinged garage doors open a bit like the doors you’ll find around your home. Instead of hav­ing to be pulled out­wards and upwards just like the pop­u­lar ‘up and over’ doors, they sim­ply open out­wards sort of a pair of dou­ble-doors or French doors. This makes getting into and out of the garage very easy indeed, and if you use your garage for some­thing oth­er than an area to store your car, just open­ing one of the doors and pop­ping in is far eas­i­er than hav­ing to open up the complete door, par­tic­u­lar­ly if the weath­er is bad. There’s no need for automation either, though this is still possible if you would like it.

Overall, Side-hinged doors are a pop­u­lar choice for a set type of house­hold, as they’re very easy to oper­ate and don’t require any heavy lift­ing. They are smart and simple in their design, while you can choose doors that are manufactured using highly durable materials such as metal and timber. There is also a wide range of finishes from most leading retailers and manufacturers, so do take the time to find the right style, because we’re confident you’ll find one that matches or complements the existing architecture of your home.